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At Sonosine, we put the patient and the clinician at the heart of our journey. We are set to dramatically improve clinical decision making with our new world-class medical imaging diagnostic tool the Pulsar 1. We are a deep-tech company made up of specialists from business, industry and academia and we are on a journey to help improve healthcare for people around the World, including those in hard to reach communities and less developed countries.  

Step by step, we are committed to drawing on our deep technical and industry expertise to put our products in the hands of medical specialists. We know that this will dramatically improve the way that they can work with their patients. Our first product, the Pulsar 1 will enable clinicians to diagnose and treat their patients in primary care settings, removing the need for medical imaging centre referrals. 

We have developed and patented aadvanced medical imaging technology (EMA), that makes high-quality medical diagnostics quicker, safer and more comfortable for patients, providing clinicians with reliable images, onsite, that enable the best decision making. 

With roots in the UK science base, as a spin out from the University of Oxford, at Sonosine we are committed to drawing on our deep technical and industrial expertise to improve the way clinicians can diagnose and treat their patients in primary care settings. The Pulsar 1 will enable them to do this more effectively, removing the need for medical imaging centre referrals and invasive and costly medical imaging processes. You can find out more about the history of our technology and the company here.