Our Journey

At Sonosine we are on a journey to dramatically improve medical imaging across the World and the recent launch of our new brand is a significant milestone for us. 

Sonosine, formerly Oxford Enhanced Medical Ltd (OxEML), will be working throughout 2021 to attract further investment and  build partnerships with key players in the medical imaging world. 

Our goal is to commercialise our first product, the Pulsar 1. This will put new safer, cheaper and more mobile medical imaging technology, that has never been seen before, into the hands of medical imaging specialists and change the experience of medical scans forever for patients. 

We have secured 30 core patents across the World, tested lab prototypes and carried out further clinical (in-vitro and in-vivo) tests to prove that our EMA medical imaging  technique is effective and safe. 

We have also demonstrated that our technology is easily embedded into commercial ultrasound scanners. In addition, the University of Oxford provided seed funding and a number of institutional and private investors have provided in excess of £2.2 million to date.  

So far, it’s been an exciting story for Sonosine and now, as we move forward as a company, we are well placed to ensure that medical specialists and patients are at the very heart of our journey.