The Patient Journey

Sonosine believes that advanced medical imaging procedures should be accessible and affordable to all, including the billion plus population in less economically privileged countries.

Our vision is to contribute to human welfare by transforming clinical decision making with our new world-class medical imaging diagnostic tool the Pulsar 1. 

It will dramatically improve patient experience from point of care to diagnosis and treatment because it is quicker, safer, more mobile and less invasive than an MRI scan.  

The Pulsar 1 enables clinicians to make a quick diagnosis during an initial consultation and enables patients to have scans at their home clinic rather than having to wait for a hospital referral 

You can find out more about the patient’s experience of treatment with the Pulsar 1 in this video. 

Our imaginary patient Anna is a busy working mum with a sporting injury

She is diagnosed and treated effectively in situ by her doctor, using the Pulsar 1 from Sonosine, saving her and her medical clinic the time and expense of waiting for MRI and ultrasound scans at hospital. 

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