Medical Imaging

Step by step, Sonosine is committed to putting a new medical imaging product, the Pulsar 1, in the hands of specialists.

Transforming medical imaging forever

Ground-breaking technology

Sonosine’s Electro Magnetic Acoustics (EMA) imaging technology, embedded in the Pulsar 1 medical imaging scanner will dramatically improve clinical decision making. 

For the best decision making

Increasing information

The Pulsar 1 captures high-quality images comparable to MRI at the cost of an ultrasound scan. It also provides a comparable patient experience to ultrasound. The Pulsar 1 improves medical decision making by increasing the amount and quality of information available to help make a diagnosis compared to stand alone conventional ultrasound scanners. It is also safer, mobile and less invasive.

New technology, new technique

Medical Imaging

Different to all other medical imaging products on the market, The Pulsar 1, safely provides high-quality images, at an affordable cost, to enable quicker, on-the-spot diagnoses, and support improved clinical decision making. It, uses radio signals as well as ultrasound, revealing the tissue types in areas of concern in a way that ultrasound alone cannot.

Our product

Pulsar 1

The Pulsar 1 enables clinicians to diagnose and treat their patients in-situ, removing the need for referrals and medical imaging escalation. In addition, workflows and efficiency in a hospital environment improve and costs are reduced.

With you each step of the way

The patient journey

The Pulsar 1 will help to transform clinician’s experience of treating patients.

To start off with, this will be in sport medicine, trauma and orthopaedics. In the future, we will move to providing solutions in liver and kidney, prostate and ovarian conditions diagnostics.

Click below to see a typical patient’s journey. You can find out more about the history of our technology and the company here.